Sunday, March 26, 2006

Making Do With Sunday

Both David and I had to work yesterday. I simply detest working on Saturdays. Bad enough weekdays have to be marred by going to work, but being made to work on Saturday is cruel. At least our library system (David is also a librarian and we work in the same building) tries to compensate by giving those who work on Saturday a three day weekend the following week. Still, Sundays have always depressed me. They seem to just be ticking down to the beginning of another week of someone else telling you how you should spend your time. I've always felt this way about Sunday. This same sense of forboding has overtaken me on Sundays since at least Junior High School.

David, on the other hand, is so even-tempered and accepting. (Thank goodness, too. This house doesn't need another Queen of Drama.) It's hard for him to understand the amount of distress I feel at the prospect of another work week. That's why he can take a lovely little nap while I sit spinning my wheels, trying to figure out the most meaningful and satisfying way to spend what little time I have left before MONDAY.

I had some plans to make and clothe a small cloth doll, but stalled on a pattern. With time ticking past, I finally decided to go with my strengths and crochet a frog instead. I'm really trying to make an effort to complete at least one small project a week instead of collapsing in from of the TV during my brief time away from work.

Well, it's a lovely warm, sunny afternoon. I think I'll resume my efforts to actually enjoy it!



Julie said...

Hello! My name is Julie and I came across your comment on a Rosy Little Things post about book recommendations. And I noticed you are a children's librarian and I was just wondering how you achieved this, education-wise. Did you obtain a Master's of Library Science, or did you go another route? Maybe all of this will come out of a later post, but I am oh-so curious about this career field. Thank you!

Amy Ruth Webb said...

If you're still out there, yes, I got my master's degree in library science. With a bachelor's degree, you might find a job as a library assistant, but in order to move up, you need your Master's (which is actually a bit silly, but that's the way it is). I'll try to post more on that whole experience, but if you have any specific question, feel free to ask.