Thursday, August 09, 2007

Big Kid

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about how Henry's eating had slacked off. The doctor said it was nothing to worry about. And although he turned out to be right, we're still thinking of changing practices. This is the second physician in the practice that we have seen as Henry's primary doctor and it turns out we don't really jive with him either. I love the nurses and receptionists, but the doctors have a certain tone. For instance, when I casually mentioned Henry sleeping with us, he made me "aware" of their policy against co-sleeping. Both doctors went on about how Henry needs to learn to be independent. For god's sake, he's not even six months old! At this age, he needs to be learning that Mommy and Daddy will always be here for him. I wonder if they would use that argument if he were a girl or are they especially worried that we'll turn him into a "mama's boy"?

But enough of my tangental rave. Henry is learning so many new things. He's mostly making up for his sluggish appetite now. And we've started him on solids. We were going to wait until he was six months old, but he can sit up all on his own ("Look ma, no hands!") and he had become very interested in what we were eating and drinking. He's such an adventurous little eater. Nothing's put him off yet. He makes a little face on the first bite or two of something new and then lunges for the spoon with mouth open wide and you just can't get it in there fast enough! He's had potato, avacado, sweet potato, and today, we added banana to the mix.

The other big thing is that we're doing a very loose version of elimination communication. I've been a slacker about it lately, but I've been trying to put him on his potty for a very short time at diaper changes. He likes to sit on it and play with his stacking cups or look at books and I've actually caught a couple of pees. Mostly, though, he's building a positive acquaintance with his potty early, so potty training will hopefully be easier. Plus, he looks so cute sitting on the pot:

*I've decided to remove pictures of Henry. There are just way too many stories floating about now regarding stolen images of children*